UAE’s 5G Developments & 50% Off on Mobile Packages for the People of Determination

Privileges of determination for individuals. Bundles have been announced by UAE telecom companies – for Individuals of determination on all du mobile packages bundles including internet, TV, phone, information, and video – from the nation calls. The Telecommunications Regulatory, on Tuesday, tweeted Statements for individuals of determination by du home. To get Internet and value […]

Du’s Subscribers to get Free upgrade to Double Broadband Internet Plans Speed

The move will improve the position of the UAE on competitiveness Indicator Abu Dhabi: Home readers and Du Internet calling’s consumers will experience double broadband speed at almost no cost, allowing them to execute and utilize digital technology in their offices and homes, it had been announced on Monday, experience broadband speed. The speed update […]

Du Telecom Home Internet Packages Heads the Telecom Industry of UAE

Make appropriate acquaintance with long periods of perfectly gushing recordings through Snapchat. Aside from this without worrying about your information being spent on perusing YouTube and Instagram. If you longed for a mobile arrangement that gives you info, relentless net, and free calls. This is the time to realize that your fantasies would be able […]

Get Du Unlimited Home Internet Benefits with Samsung Galaxy S10

Du is rewarding clients once they pre-order the newest Samsung Galaxy S shows smartphone. Du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, announced that its clients can pre-order the smartphone till 2 March. Customers who pre-order are likely to be given priority and an assortment of value-added benefits once the device is out there within the UAE. […]

Du Launched Application for Home Internet Calling in Dubai

Residents inside the UAE have access to YzerChat for calls that are internet. Dubai: Clients of du, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), now have access to a brand-new app. This app’s operation is to form calls. The accession of this YzerChat program to the internet occupation pack provides access to communication services to residents. Additionally, […]