Du Home Internet 2020 Clients Have an Opportunity to Pay Bills with Apple Pay

Prepaid and postpaid clients have bill and recharge payment choices in their hand with Apple Pay

Apple Pay’s inclusion will enable du home internet Dubai clients to pay their invoices on the move with total protection, convenience, and simplicity


Du home internet 2020. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), is enabling prepaid and postpaid clients to enjoy a smooth electronic telco encounter with the capability to currently pay their invoices or recharge their accounts through Apple Pay. Billed as the payment system that is effortless and cashless. Top up their traces and Apple Pay can be obtained for du clients to cover their du invoices.

The payment encounter is enhanced by apple Pay by Providing security and simplicity at customers’ fingertips. Since the United Arab Emirates (UAE) changes towards becoming a cashless society and more digitally facing, payment creations such as these are offering a pathway to more improve and more joyful smart city alternatives.

‘Secure payments made Simple’

Anthony Shiner, Innovation Officer & Chief Digital Lifestyle In EITC, stated: “In du internet at home. We’re driven towards providing customers more ways to get value from their apparatus and also the connected solutions they utilize in their own lives daily. Without compromising security and safety mobile payment technology supplies a high level of advantage; they provide customers to enjoy encounters. In accord with the UAE’s vision for a more eloquent smart town. We all think that the accession of this reputable Apple Pay payment system will elevate our clients’ electronic touchpoints. Which build on our mission to supply immense related worth on the move.”


Around du home internet 2020

Running under The loyal umbrella of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC). Du is a key driver of The UAE’s electronic, social and economic transformation. Thriving on digitally innovating all aspects of the telecom experience. We with the Lives of millions of clients daily as an enabler of Connectivity, continuity. And expansion throughout the business and consumer segments. Whether providing bespoke, Smart City infrastructure Business ICT options. Or the best is worth and home entertainment.

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