Free Internet Calls or Video Calling Application in the UAE, recently Launched

A free video line app is ringing within the changes as customers unable to create WhatsApp and Skype calls intercommunicate ToTok.

The service – offered by Singaporean supplier Botim – is already successful with residents keen to stay involved with friends and family.

Botim is already licensed by the UAE’s telecoms regulator and has tie-ups with Etisalat and Du.

Its service – that customers presently pay from Dh50 per month for – are going to be replaced by new complete ToTok. That might create it the sole free government-approved VoIP video app offered within the UAE.

ToTok needs no subscription and may be used for electronic messaging or conference calls of up to twenty folks.

The app will be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, with no net line set up needed.

Users of Botim, a video and voice decision app, received messages last week notifying them that the corporate would supply free line services through ToTok.

“We’re excited to announce that Botim recently in agreement to continue providing communication services below the ToTok complete,” the message scan.

The message enclosed a link for users of Botim to transfer the ToTok app.

It aforesaid users would receive free, unlimited calls with no adverts – one thing Botim introduced to its app in recent months.

Calling options provided by the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Microsoft-owned Skype are restricted within the Emirates in recent years.

Residents instead had to use paid-for services provided by the country’s telecommunication suppliers, Etisalat and du on a tiny low range of apps, as well as Botim.

At the time, users of these apps were needed to take special net voice and video line packages cost accounting up to Dh100 a month to use them.

Some customers, confused by what it suggests that for the service they get, have taken to social media to debate the difficulty and question whether or not ToTok very was free.

“We’re signed to Botim and that I simply received this message. Will it mean that [the] ToTok app can currently be charged soon?” aforesaid one member of the national capital Q&A Facebook page.

Members noticed that the service states it’s liberal to use within the message that was circulated to subscribers of Botim, which needs users to take net voice line packages.

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But some questioned whether or not it’ll stay free within the future.

“It is suspicious to mention […] that a brand new app comes up and it’s for free of charge and it works whereas all the others area unit blocked. Providing you with a free product so creating it indictable is one among the oldest selling techniques ever,” wrote one client.

It is not clear what the launch of ToTok suggests that for the subscription fees paid by thousands of consumers across the UAE to use Botim and different net voice line apps.

Both du and Etisalat were contacted for comment, however, failed to instantly respond.

Last month, The National rumored that the UAE is considering lifting the ban on WhatsApp calls, once Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, executive of the National Electronic Security Authority, confirmed talk’s area unit in progress with Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

The ban on Skype and WhatsApp calls are questioned by senior business leaders, as well as urban center businessperson Khalaf Al Habtoor, World Health Organization has urged the country to raise the restrictions.

The Telecommunications regulatory agency was last year rumored to be concerned in talks with Microsoft and Apple regarding lifting the ban on Skype and FaceTime.

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