Tencent Games Launches its Shops across Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City (DIC) declared It Will be home to The regional headquarter for its the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for the world’s top games stage, Tencent Games.

Tencent Games premiered in 2003 and has become a major platform for publishing, game development, and performance. It’s devoted to offering a high-quality interactive entertainment experience for many players in UAE as du wifi plans have doubled speed. The business behind this stage. Tencent, is a worldwide conglomerate centered on internet-based engineering and is famous for its various internet-related products and services along with interactive entertainment. Such as its industrial net capabilities like payment. Artificial intelligence technologies and clever sectors initiatives such as electronic museums and cultural encounters. Tencent employs 55,000 professionals.

The Introduction of Tencent Games’ headquarter is a sign of activities in the regional and local matches sector which covers entertainment, education and cultural adventures. Based on market research company Newzoo. Over 80 percent of users from the UAE play with games.

Upon Signing the MoU, Ammar Al Mali,. Managing Director of Dubai Internet City (DIC). And du internet Dubai Outsource City (DOC) stated”The launching of Tencent Games’ regional operations in DIC is a sign of their faith in Dubai’s innovation-driven market. DIC is home to many multinational companies that are Chinese. And then proceed to the area of Tencent will drive the development of this industry. I’m confident that we’ll continue to draw top innovators, entrepreneurs and global businesses to Dubai.”

Increasing Demand for Gaming Opportunities in the Region

We can expect the marketplace, and creative fans and players enter the business. This is also a key driving force in bringing interactive and game content developers into the area.” Al-Malik included

According To a report by Statista published in 2018. The UAE has the greatest penetration rate percent — almost twice the nation’s inhabitants in the entire world at 173. This is a significant amount and represents plenty of opportunities for game developers around the world. With revenues from mobile games representing over half the earnings generated in the full sector. While an increasing number of individuals turn into mobile games because of its interactivity and ease of accessibility.

Vincent Wang, General Manager of the Global Publishing Department in Tencent Games. Stated: “The UAE’s high mobile and online penetration is a very supportive index for technology companies du internet Dubai throughout the planet. And is particularly related to the international gaming industry. Through our partnership with DIC and from establishing our regional operations with du internet Dubai. That is currently home to a number of the planet’s most cutting-edge businesses and highly skilled abilities. We all anticipate creating a stage that invests in and boosts the regional matches market while promoting neighborhood matches fans and programmers. To push the boundaries of innovation and creativity with du Dubai internet packages.”

Chinese Investment inside the evolving technology business of the UAE and developments of EITC company. Du broadband is anticipated to increase Rapidly, particularly strategies announced to enlarge Collaboration. Through Road Conference and the Second Belt for International Cooperation with commerce set to hit this season, in Beijing US$70 billion by 2020.

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