The Du Home of UAE Creates the first 5G Video Call of Region

Enjoy voice communications and video in the country with the du home.

Du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (EITC), has obtained the 5G expertise to new heights by demonstrating that the area’s first-ever Video over LTE (ViLTE) 5G call.

Occurring at the headquarters at Al Salam Tower, Dubai of du home plans, The movie call was created with the telco’s industrial 4G and 5G Non-standalone (NSA) system, IMS Core, and 5G tablets.

By allowing Core and Access Networks send and to encourage High Definition (HD) video calling abilities, this breakthrough builds on the recent unveiling of du’s 5G network.

‘Expanding chances’

“As a pragmatic enabler of world-class technology that Empowers consumers, companies, and government entities throughout the UAE, du is pleased to be showing 5G inventions that will form the future of tomorrow,” said Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Technology Officer, EITC.

“The achievement of the ViLTE and 5G video telephone Demonstration is a great showcase of the 5G network’s trustworthy and rapid possibility. With innovative video calling capabilities across all platforms now supported by du internet home, our second-generation connectivity offerings will provide an experiential dividend that’s next to none”

Changing encounters of du home

This HD video telephone demonstration’s achievement lays a strong Basis for improving the 5G user experience of du home. This marks the maturity of the 5G ecosystem of du.

This provides the foundation for ViLTE technologies to thrive. As an extension to Voice over LTE (VoLTE), ViLTE adds HD video into the voice support over LTE and 5G.

It doesn’t require a particular or enrollment Program, and software.

The recently-launched 5G system of du provides the speed of 1.26gbps and to stop users. With this breakthrough, du broadband readers will enjoy an unprecedented selection of adventures improved voice and video communications, over 5G Networks and LTE.

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